These days, all racing circuits have noise restrictions and Kirkistown is no exception. It is extremely important that we operate in compliance with our limits so that we also minimise any disturbance to local communities.

Noise can travel a long way, particularly in certain climatic conditions and therefore we must act in accordance with the regulations to ensure the future of trackdays for everyone that abides by the rules. Please help us by making your bike as quiet as possible before taking part in any on circuit activity.

Although the requirements below may seem restrictive, they ensure that the majority of trackday customers who do not attempt to flaunt the noise limits are able to continue to enjoy their events without jeopardising future trackdays with further restrictions.

The initial test is a static test which is carried out using a handheld meter. Each bike is measured 0.5 meters away from the exhaust at a 45 degree angle when the engine is being held at the following RPM:

Engine Size 1 cylinder 2 cylinder 3 cylinder 4 cylinder
250cc (4 stroke) 5,500rpm 8,500rpm
400cc (4 stroke) 5,000rpm 6,500rpm 7,000rpm 8,000rpm
600cc (4 stroke) 5,000rpm 5,500rpm 6,500rpm 7,000rpm
750cc (4 stroke) 5,000rpm 5,500rpm 6,500rpm 7,000rpm
+750cc (4 stroke) 4,500rpm 5,000rpm 5,000rpm 5,500rpm
125cc (2 stroke) 7,000rpm
250cc (2 stroke) 7,000rpm
500cc (2 stroke) 5,500rpm 7,000rpm 7,000rpm

In cases where the motorcycle has two separated exhausts the measurement will be taken as above from the median point between the two.

ALL bikes must be below  105db on a static noise test. Those with the stubby motogp style exhaust (R6, GSXR600 etc) will have difficulty meeting this and may require a diffent end can (micron stubby never passes!). All road bike exhausts and it seems all sports systems that come with a factory fitted removable baffle easily pass, the aftermarket db killer (£15ish) knocks 3db of most systems which on 95% of systems gets them below 105db. Unfortunately the static test is not conclusive and there will be constant drive by monitoring which may reveal some bikes passing the static test but failing the drive by, drive by is the overall governing factor. It is imperative that the noise restrictions are adhered to and therefore they will be strictly enforced.

If you have any questions or doubts about your machine give us a ring, we will try and meet up to do a bit of testing if required.