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Kirkistown Track Days are aimed to give the biker what he wants, and that means exceptional value for money as well as the thrills and excitement of riding Northern Irelands premier race circuit, host of UTV's Champion of Champions and the International Sunflower events.

Q. What is a Kirkistown Track Day?

A. A Kirkistown Track Day is an opportunity for road riders to experience the thrill of the racetrack under controlled conditions. To help achieve this riders are split into a maximum of 3 groups based on ability and experience, thus getting a minimum of 1 1/2 hours track time (dependant on stoppages).

Q. How does a Kirkistown Track Day run?

A. The day (Sunday dates) commence at 10:00am with riders signing on, bikes noise tested and being instructed as to the safety and track etiquette requirements. The first group is usually on the track by 12:30pm, the session lasts for 12 minutes then followed by group 2 and so on. There is no longer a break for refreshments and if necessary you can exit the track between sessions to refuel at a nearby filling station (1 mile). The day comes to a close around 5:30pm.

Q. How much does it cost and what do I need to bring with me?

A. The cost is £80 payable on the day (booking is recommended). As numbers are limited the only way of guaranteeing your place is to be on time or pay the full amount in advance. The price includes the use of the circuit and ambulance presence throughout the day. All you need bring is adequate safety protection - helmet, gloves, boots and leathers (1 or 2 piece) are compulsory; back protectors and body armour are strongly recommended. Your bike must be well maintained; it is your responsibility to ensure this.

Q. What extras are available on the day?

A. Photographs are available fromon site photographers details on facebook

A. On-bike video footage taken from our bike of you from the front or rear. £ TBC.

A. Lunch and refreshments are available from the cafe.

Q. What group do I go into?

A. Based on the information you give us and our observations you will be placed in either group 1 or 2 though experienced/fast riders will be placed in group 3. Each group will get a 12 minute session subject to stoppages. .

Q. What if I fall off?

A. If you are unfortunate and do fall off we will do our best to get you back out on the track and if not we will help to get you and your bike home.

Q. What if the weather is bad?

A. Rain, unless torrential will not stop the track day. If the day is cancelled appropriate refunds will be given.

Q. Any restrictions?

A. Unfortunately due to noise restrictions certain bikes are not permitted on Sunday dates, please see noise section for further details. Please take note of areas that spectating is permitted and do not cross the track unless directed to do so by one of the marshals. If in doubt contact us for assistance.

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