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Welcome to the official Kirkistown Track Days website. This site is designed to give you all the information you need to book your place on the starting grid of Northern Ireland's premier racing circuit, host of UTV's Champion of Champions and the International Sunflower events.

Kirkistown Track Days aim to give the biker what they want, and that means exceptional value for money as well as the thrills and excitement of riding Northern Ireland's premier race circuit,

Kirkistown Track Days are organised and run by Jeanette Lyness. Available dates for 2022 track days can be found on the calendar on the right hand side.

The Message Board is where you will find special details which you must be aware of before participating in a track day, please take the time to read these carefully before you make a booking.

The Frequently Asked Questions list provides most of the answers people have when booking a track day. Again you should read through this list carefully before participating in a Kirkistown Track Day.

Experience each corner of Kirkistown with a tour of the track! Each corner can be viewed in the comfort of your home, before you negotiate it for real on your motorcycle!

Hope to see you at a Kirkistown Track Day very soon!

6th March
20th March
3rd April
24th April
8th May
22nd May
11th June (Saturday)
19th June
3rd July

17th July

31st July
21st August
18th September
2nd October
16th October
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Track Information
What makes Kirkistown a premier race circuit? Find out more here with a tour of the track...

Track Information

For details on Noise restrictions and regulations...

Message Board

Message Board
What you need to know about doing a track day...

Message Board

Jeanette Lyness

07780 668383


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